Utilizing SaaS to Transform Your Photography Business

The photography business has always embraced change and is inherently linked to the latest technological developments. As our cameras and equipment get smarter, photographers have been quick to embrace technology in their businesses too. Digital photography has become the norm and business practices have been quick to follow. More recently, SaaS developments have increased photographers’ ability to work more on location as the need for desktop computers and processor-heavy applications has dropped away.

Photo Editing Software

The dark room has truly gone digital. Now, all you need is an internet connection and you can access advanced photo editing tools with minimal input required. Even the industry leaders in photo editing software have followed the SaaS trend by embracing cloud technology, developing lighter applications, and moving towards more accessible subscription pricing models.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management software has become a must in any serious photographer’s workflow. Having an effective way of storing and organizing images can be a lifesaver when you are working on multiple projects and the memory cards a filling up from your recent shoots. This is a tool that suits the SaaS model well. A user-friendly tool that links up with your cloud-based storage solution is a brilliant way to optimize your workflow.

Portfolio Sites

As much as physical prints will always have their place, an online portfolio is an essential asset for any photography business looking to attract new clients. SaaS options such as Squarespace provide a welcome alternative to hiring an expensive web developer to create a site. You can generate a beautiful site worthy of hosting the images you have worked so hard on in minutes.

Client Services

Between client meetings, shoots, editing, and having time for the business side, a photographer’s time can be spread pretty thin. Having scheduling software can take away the burden of arranging client meetings and will make sure your calendar is as organized as can be. The right SaaS scheduling tool can also give a professional look to your operation.

Financial Management

Photography is one of those wonderful careers that people go into for their passion in the area. However, keeping a photography business profitable is an essential part of being able to live that dream. SaaS accounting solutions make keeping track of invoices and expenditures a breeze. This means you can always have a close eye on the bottom line, whilst saving on some accountant fees in the process.

Customer Relationship Management

As your photography business grows, it can be difficult to keep track of where you are with all your clients. Having lots of clients is certainly a nice problem to have, but making sure they all stay happy can be quite a task. Customer Relationship Management software can mean you are always on top of each client’s needs, making sure no one is forgotten.

Outbound Marketing

There are many ways to grow a photography business, but the tried and tested outbound marketing methods are always worth exploring. SaaS email marketing tools mean you can create and execute a professional campaign without the need for a full marketing team or external agencies. Tools like these mean you can spend less time worrying about the business side and spend more time concentrating on the fun creative side of a photography business.

Keeping Tabs on Spend

SaaS solutions can be revolutionary tools for a photography business. Often they provide great value for money, but it is always worth keeping an eye on spending. SaaS spend optimization is a vital consideration that can help you make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Some considerations are:

  • Features - Are you paying for a more expensive product than is required for the job? It can be tempting to go for the top-of-the-line software, but if you do not need all the features you may be overspending.

  • Bundles - Some SaaS firms offer multiple products that could be of benefit to your business. It is always worth exploring any package deals available for taking out multiple products from the same company.

  • Scale - Many SaaS companies offer scalable products, meaning you only pay for what you need. Make sure you look into products that ensure your spending can grow and shrink as your need does.


In today’s modern world of business, photographers can benefit greatly by embracing SaaS products. Many aspects of the creative process as well as the business side are now well-covered by SaaS solutions, meaning a photography business can operate in a far more efficient manner. Although SaaS has obvious benefits, it is always worth keeping spending in mind. Take a step back and look at your photography business to see if there is more that SaaS could be doing for you.

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