Tips for Choosing the Right Photo for Canvas Printing

Discover essential tips for choosing the perfect photo for canvas printing. Elevate your home decor with personalized high-quality canvas prints.

Do you have any ideas about canvas printing? Canvas printing is an advanced art technology that transforms images into prints. Custom canvas prints are perfect for decorating your home and work best in any of your rooms. This idea produces crisp, detailed illustrations with vibrant colors, allowing the photograph to look like a painting. This specific technique is relatively more accessible, but it is important to be wise while choosing photos to print with this method. In this article, we will learn some important tips for selecting the right photo for canvas printing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Photo for Canvas Printing

There are many other important steps to take to start canvas printing, but choosing the right photo is crucial. Therefore, we are here to discuss essential tips for choosing the right image for canvas printing.

Choose The Best Photos:

Choosing the right photo is the first and most crucial step for designing a canvas print. Selecting the photo for customized artwork is exciting, especially when you have several photos in mind that you love and want to display. It is not important that the photo you want to be on canvas has perfect lighting or other effects. Sometimes, candid and natural photos are the best shots for printing on a canvas.

Goofy photos of a family celebrating someone's success, a dog playing with your kid, or a random night out with friends become one of the best memorable wall art. Choosing such photos will not only decorate your wall but also warm your heart with unforgettable memories. It is best to scroll the camera roll and tick your favorite photos that make you laugh and comfort your eyes. High-quality professional photos can also be a great option, but the real winner is memorable canvas prints that not only decorate your walls but also soothe your eyes.

Canvas Size, Shape, & Orientation:

Canvas size, shape, and orientation also matter when printing a photo on the canvas. If you like the idea of a larger canvas, then a 30 x 40-inch canvas is perfect for display, and if you want a smaller canvas, then 8 x 10 inches is great. Shape is another factor to consider before printing a picture on canvas. For printing a portrait, choose a rectangular or vertical canvas and for landscape printing, choose a horizontal rectangular canvas.

Frames, Edges, & Wrapping:

Frames, edges, and wrapping are also crucial. Do you prefer the solid color black and white edges or want the image to wrap around the edges? Not a single size fits all your answers, but your preferred style will influence the photo you choose for canvas printing.

Existing Decor Factor

Another factor that makes a big difference is your exciting decoration, so don't forget to consider exciting decor and other styles of photos displayed around your home. If you have professional photos in one of your rooms, then adding a candid one is unsuitable. It looks a bit out of place.

Choose A Memorable Photo You Wish To See Every Day.

Mostly, choose the photo you want to see every day. The best choice is a memorable photo that makes you happy every day.

Make A Collage

Don't pick one; make a collage by adding multiple pictures in one frame for canvas printing. Canvas print the collage from Smile Art Design and hang it on your home's wall.

Choose High-Quality Prints

If you want your canvas printing to look best, then make sure to choose high-quality images. High-quality images make it possible for you to see every beautiful detail of your new print. Some additional points that you should consider when picking a photo to print are as follows:


Pixel matters a lot when it comes to canvas printing. Pixels serve as a building block of any image. Every pixel contributes to the beauty of the picture as it determines its resolution. The higher the number of pixels in the image, the better the quality of the picture, and you will get the greater image details.

Dots Per Inch

DPI is another important metric that tells you about the image quality. If DPI is higher, that means a higher number of pixels per inch. Higher DPI means the image will be sharper, more precise and well-defined, and that matters in canvas printing.

Ideal resolution mostly depends upon the canvas size. For a small canvas of 8x10 or 12x16, the minimum resolution will be 1800x2400 pixels and 150 DPI. On the other hand, if you want a large canvas of 24x36, then the recommended resolution is 3600x5400 pixels and 150 DPI.

Digital To Physical Transformation Process

After choosing the right photo for canvas printing, now it is time to keep up with the latest wall art trends and create customized canvas prints, framed prints, metal artworks and other unique art for your home. Follow these simple steps to complete the process of canvas printing.

Choose & Then Upload Your Image.

Choose the photo according to the guidelines discussed above and pick an image that you want to print on canvas. It is a challenging step, but the most crucial one is to complete the process.

Select A Canvas Size & Shape.

The second step is to choose the canvas size and shape according to the image selection. You can not only select from already preset canvas sizes and shapes but also customize your canvas for a particular image.

Add A Filter

Some people want their canvas print to align with their latest interior decor, so in this situation, consider adding filters. There are different filters available, such as comic books, black-and-white sepia, color sketches, and much more.

Make Adjustments

Make necessary adjustments, such as removing blemishes or something distracting from the background and move to the next step.

Place Your Order

Now, your wall art is ready, and it is time to place the order. Wait for your digital canvas print to be delivered to your doorstep.


High-quality canvas print is perfect to help you create a personalized space in your home. Therefore, it is important to choose the right photo for your canvas print if you follow the tips discussed above, from selecting the right pixel to the canvas size and resolution. It is much easier for you to select the perfect image that comfortably suits the interior decor of your home and makes it more stylish and eye-catching.

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