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  • What is a QOI (Quite OK Image Format) file?

    QOI - The "Quite OK Image Format" for fast, lossless image compression. QOI is fast. It losslessy compresses images to a similar size of PNG, while offering 20x-50x faster encoding and 3x-4x faster decoding. QOI is simple. The reference en-/decoder fits in about 300 lines of C. The file format specification is a single page PDF..

  • What are the QOI Technical details?

    A QOI file consists of a 14-byte header, followed by any number of data chunks and an 8-byte end marker. The colorspace and channel fields are purely informative. They do not change the way data chunks are encoded..

  • What's the File extension(s) of QOI?

    QOI file extension includes ( .qoi ).

  • What's the developer of QOI?

    QOI developed by phoboslab.

  • What's the type of format?

    QOI is a Raster image .

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