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  • What is a JP2 (JPEG 2000 Core Image File) file?

    JPEG 2000 (JP2) is an image compression standard and coding system. It was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group committee in 2000 with the intention of superseding their original discrete cosine transform-based JPEG standard with a newly designed, wavelet-based method..

  • What are the JP2 Technical details?

    JPEG 2000 code streams are regions of interest that offer several mechanisms to support spatial random access or region of interest access at varying degrees of granularity. It is possible to store different parts of the same picture using different quality..

  • What's the File extension(s) of JP2?

    JP2 file extension includes ( .jp2 .j2k .jpf .jpx .jpm .mj2 ).

  • What's MIME of JP2?

    The MIME of JP2 is image/jp2.

  • What's the developer of JP2?

    JP2 developed by Joint Photographic Experts Group.

  • What's the type of format?

    JP2 is a Raster image .

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