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  • What is a DDS (Microsoft DirectDraw Surface) file?

    The DirectDraw Surface container file format (uses the filename extension DDS), is a Microsoft format for storing data compressed with the proprietary S3 Texture Compression (S3TC) algorithm, which can be decompressed in hardware by GPUs..

  • What are the DDS Technical details?

    The DirectDraw Surface format is useful for storing graphical textures and cubic environment maps as a data file, both compressed and uncompressed. The Microsoft Windows file extension for this data format is '.dds'..

  • What's the File extension(s) of DDS?

    DDS file extension includes ( .dds ).

  • What's MIME of DDS?

    The MIME of DDS is image/

  • What's the developer of DDS?

    DDS developed by Microsoft.

  • What's the type of format?

    DDS is a Raster image .

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