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  • What is a ART (AOL Compressed Image File) file?

    The ART format (file extension ".art") holds a single still image that has been highly compressed. The format was designed to facilitate the quick downloading of images, among other things..

  • What are the ART Technical details?

    When an image is converted to the ART format, the image is analyzed and the software decides what compression technique would be best. The ART format has similarities to the progressive JPEG format, and certain attributes of the ART format can lead to image quality being sacrificed for the sake of image compression..

  • What's the File extension(s) of ART?

    ART file extension includes ( .art ).

  • What's MIME of ART?

    The MIME of ART is image/art, image/x-jg.

  • What's the developer of ART?

    ART developed by America Online (AOL).

  • What's the type of format?

    ART is a Raster image .

ART Conversions

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