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“Even for a professional designer and Photoshop user for over 8 years, removing background is a boring job. Until I met Sharkfoto background remover. It's changed everything. Really thanks!”

Jennifer Tesler  UI & UX Designer

“I used to take my product photos with white backgrounds and delete the background with photoshop one by one. It's really hard work for me because I have over 1000 SKUs in my store. Now, it is not a problem for me anymore with sharkfoto bgremover's help. It always returns good-quality images. ”

Ben Affleck  Amazon & Shopify Store Owner

“I love sharkfoto colorizer. It turns my dozens of old black and white family photos into colorful ones. Really cool!”

Barbara Palvin  A mother with 50 years old

“I an editor of a magazine that focuses on the story of history. I like collecting old photos, but now, sharkfoto image colorizer gives me a new view of these old photos and the stories behind them.”

Candice Palmer  Magazine Editor

“I love sharkfoto color enhancer. It could remove the fog when I take photos on a cloudy day. Not every day is a good day for taking photos, u know. It really helps me and saves time dealing with these photos. ”

Nancy Bourque  Photographer

“With Sharkfoto resolution enlarger, you don't need to retake the photo of products when you have a small-size product photo already. It's really good for me. Save my time and money!”

Taryn Elliott   Shopfiy store owner

How to Remove Background from ITHMB


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You can upload your ITHMB images by simply dragging and dropping

AI Removing

Just waiting for a few seconds for upload and remove the background by our AI platform


Preview the transparent png images with the background removed. If you are satisfied with the result, you can download it. Really Easy!

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Get a transparent background for any image.

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     White Photos

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